Burger King x Clio asked us to find a way to bring in a new, younger audience via an April Fool's prank. Given Burger King's reputation with flame-grilling, we figured there was only one way to do it — one romantic, digital, Whopper-coded way.


Introducing the first ever flame-grilled dating app.

Burger King: Meat Up

Prior to launch, we'll slap the teaser poster everywhere to hint at the release.

Once the app goes live, we'll release various online features:

- A flame-grilled Spotify playlist for burning love (not burning Whoppers)

- YouTube pre-roll ads to tout "success" stories

- First ever King-officiated wedding streamed live for the whole world to celebrate

Launch Campaign

Copy: Sam Carlson

Content: Tucker Lunder

(512) 865 - 9568

LinkedIn: Sam Carlson