FUN FACT (about me):

I was ranked the #2 creative student in the world by the One Club in 2020.

MORE FUN FACTS (also about me):

I manually flush automatic toilets.

My favorite textile pattern is seersucker.

I have an affinity for the number 8. No reason.

I'm right handed, but I typically shave with my left.

I still cut myself while shaving—unrelated to previous fact.

I know the ins and outs of Parcheesi. Pawn of choice: camels.

I've sang along to "Hey Jude" with one of The Beatles, which was pretty cool.

I've rated and reviewed every movie I've watched for over two years. Check out my Letterboxd

Koalas have two opposable thumbs on each hand (not about me, but I think more people should know it).



CALLEN / Copywriter / August 2020 - Present

The Martin Agency / Freelance Copywriter / June 2020 - July 2020

Deutsch / Freelance Copywriter / May 2020 - June 2020

BYU Adlab / Copywriter / September 2018 - April 2020


Phone: (512) 865-9568

Email: carlson.sam8@gmail.com

LinkedIn: Sam Carlson


Brigham Young University / Provo, UT / April 2020

Bachelor of Arts / Communications: Advertising Emphasis

GPA: 3.97

Student Awards

ADC Gold: "Handimojis" (2020) Silver: Saucony, "Made To Run" (2020) Silver: Conair, "It's Ok to Dry" (2020) Silver: DHL, "Next Day Neighbors" (2020) Bronze: American Crew, "Good Enough" (2020) Merit: LEGO, "Re-Ocean" (2020) ANDYS Gold: "Handimojis" (2020) Shortlist: Conair, "It's Ok to Dry" (2020) CLIOS Silver, Student Innovation: "Handimojis" (2020) Bronze, Student Digital/Mobile: "Handimojis" (2020) COMM ARTS Advertising Annual: "Handimojis" (2020) Advertising Annual: Jeep, "Adventures Per Gallon" (2019) Shortlist: DHL, "Next Day Neighbors" (2020) D&AD NEW BLOOD Yellow: Twitter, "Konami Code" (2020) Wood: Penguin Books, "StoryTracks" (2020) DISTRICT ADDYS Best of Show: "Handimojis" (2020) Gold: "Handimojis" (2020) ONE CLUB CREATIVE COUNCIL Winner: FIRE, "Never Again Memorials," "Lifetime Warranty" (2019) ONE SHOW YOUNG ONES Bronze: Vans, "More Than Meets The Eye" (2020) Merit: New York Times, "Every Story Has a Story" (2020) SCOUT FILM FESTIVAL Short Film Finalist: "Homecoming King" (2020) TELLYS Silver: Chanel, "The Black Dress" (2020) Bronze: American Crew, "Good Enough" (2020) UTAH ADDYS Gold: Conair, "It's Ok to Dry" (2020) Gold: Jeep, "Adventures Per Gallon" (2019) Silver: Chanel, "The Black Dress" (2020) Silver: DHL, "Next Day Neighbors" (2020)