Mullenlowe CCO Mark Wenneker came to the BYU Adlab with a challenge from the group Fight Gunfire with Fire: use creative energy to end school shootings. 

Hundreds of ideas were submitted from across the country. 

Both of ours were selected and are now in the process of being produced. 


1. never again memorials

Talk of school shootings spikes during incidents, then quickly goes silent again. To remember those we have lost and keep the conversation going, we created memorials to honor school shooting victims.

White House Lawn
We actually made a memorial
CNN Headline

2. Lifetime warranty

School shootings have become synonymous with back to school. We redefined the term "lifetime warranty" to emphasize this, catch attention, and spark change.

Lifetime Warranty
School Supplies

Copy: Sam Carlson

Art Direction: Cam Tribe​

Strategist: Collin Russell

Project Manager: Collin Russell