The modern surge of technology has made communication more accessible than ever. With the help of certain innovations, this can include all kinds of communication.

Even the non-vocal kind.



Apple TV+

A new streaming series will help teach and educate on both sign language and the Deaf community. As opposed to existing sign language shows, the animation style of Handimojis and use of technology will appeal more to a younger audience.

Deaf Celebrities

Traditional advertising will feature celebrities and prominent figures in the Deaf community using Handimojis, emphasizing their personal expression.

Concert Interpreters

Handimojis will be used at music festivals to highlight interpreters and the need for accessibility.

Media Impressions

(These actually happened. No, seriously.)




One inquiry from Great Britain. Cheers.

Copy: Sam Carlson

Art: Coni Ramirez

Content: Amanda Rasmussen

Animator: Emily Ellis

(512) 865 - 9568

LinkedIn: Sam Carlson