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tl:dr an app to rate and review albums*

*The development of the album changed music forever. It allowed for the artist to tell a cohesive story and gave the listener an explorative, yet interconnected experience. It redefined music, giving it deeper meaning and fuller comprehension. In recent years, however, there has been a shift towards singles, remixes, radio one-hit wonders, and smaller portions. Consequentially, I believe regard for the art behind music has dwindled. I wanted to find a way to unite a community over a love for music and bring appreciation back to the album.


Introducing Ladle, a social platform for music lovers to connect with each other and share insights and opinions – all over albums. After creating a Ladle profile, users can begin logging albums they have listened to. You can provide ratings, write reviews, and categorize albums into Bins, or lists. You can follow friends to see their reviews, as well as recent albums they’ve listened to. Ladle also allows you to follow artists and stay updated on their album reviews and new releases. It's a place for people to come together and bond over music while simultaneously discovering it more themselves.


Music is an important aspect of millions of lives, and there are different ways to experience it. Some people are looking for a single-serving musical experience, and that’s fine. For something more filling, though, there’s Ladle.

This app is currently under development

Copy, Concept: Sam Carlson

Graphic Designer: Sam Verdine