The world's most popular and beloved building toy is made entirely out of plastic.

With 10 million tons of plastic going in the ocean each year, it's time to build something better.

LEGO: Re-Ocean



This simple diagram will kickstart the campaign and launch the idea: make LEGO bricks out of ocean plastic.

Re-Ocean Billboard

Re-Ocean Kits

Limited-edition LEGO kits made from recycled bricks will feature marine life affected by ocean pollution. Each box will feature a medallion of authenticity.

Gentoo Penguin
Green Sea Turtle
Harp Seal

Social Media

Instagram Stories will give consumers a sample of Re-Ocean's mission with just a few taps.

Insta-Dory-GIF (1).gif
Insta-Pelican-GIF (1).gif

Recycling Imaginarium

Beaches across the nation will host "The Recycling Imaginarium," a device encouraging kids to recycle and build towards a better future (complete with a fun reward).

Recycle-the-World Off Gray.gif

Copy: Sam Carlson

Art: Jacq Quinton

Content: Tucker Lund

Project Manager: Collin Russell